Thursday, August 2, 2007

Speak To Me

How do you write dialogue?

I talk out loud, acting out the lines I want my character to say. Then I write them in "screenplay" format with little tags indicating a movement, expression, thought or feeling that goes with the line. I'll read it through a few times, making sure the subtext, or the un-said items I want the reader to pick up on are there. Then, I'll flesh it out with description, actions and such. In other words, it takes me a long time. :(

I think that is why I've been procrastinating a little. I'm at a crucial scene and dialogue is paramount. Ugh.

Does writing dialogue get any easier as you write? I certainly hope so!

By the way, I'm at 15% of W.I.P. done! Yay!!!


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Cari said...

Hey girl, just checking in to see how you are coming with your mss. I've been busy building a website. I'll email you later and talk more.