Saturday, September 1, 2007

Story Boarding

I'm stuck, mired, stalled. Ugh. But I refuse to get down!

So, I've signed up for Discovering Story Magic online class and I'm still referencing the books in my target line. I'm tearing them apart and seeing how they tick. The "hero's journey" is very enlightening!

Don't worry, Jenna and Duncan are still running through my mind. Just mulling over the possibilities. And I'm getting ready to try story boarding. Very excited about it! Right now there is an author of the month workshop over at Romance Divas with the fabulous Julie Leto called Plotting With Your Pants On. Check it out! Very great stuff. I'll post a pic of my story board latter.


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Kaye Manro said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for the info on plotting with your pants on. I'm layering in a bit more plot myself right now. I'm going to check this one out. I really like JL, her advice is great. I hope you enjoy the class on story magic. And yes, the hero's journey is good. Waiting to see your story board. Kaye