Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good Book and Meal Plans

Boy, oh boy! I've got an awesome new book from Amazon: "On Writing Romance... How To Craft A Novel That Sells" by Leigh Michaels and it is DAMN GOOD!! I think it ranks right up there with GMC. Love it!

It makes you think really hard about your conflict and motivations in your WIP. (Work In Progress) It also has a fabulous section on working out your "What if" muscles. Great examples too.

Now the meal plan. I spent all morning working on a menu for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks for a whole week. I want to give the kiddies' to have well balanced meals that are fun so the little buggers will EAT them! Try explaining to a toddler why we don't eat Corn Pops and grapes for every meal! LOL

Plus, the added bonus is being able to budget for a whole week and not be in the grocery store EVERY DAY. Did I mention I hate grocery shopping? Thank goodness for husbands!


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