Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hero & Heroine Archetypes

I'm officially at 10%!!! Yay!
But on the downside, I'm 5000 words off schedule. :(
In my defense, I can say I was still working. I got a fabulous book from Amazon and I think it is worth its weight in GOLD!!

"The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes & Heroines...16 Master Archetypes" by Tami D. Cowden, Caro LaFever, Sue Viders.

I've heard good things about it before, and they weren't kidding. Truly great stuff.

Duncan’s Master Archetypes

Charmer & Chief With a touch of the Professor

Virtues as Chief:
Goal oriented. Decisive. Responsible. Organizes everything well. Concerned with function, not fluff. Motivated. Confident.

Virtues as Charmer:
Creative. Witty. Smooth. Makes friends easily. Terrific enthusiasm.

Virtues as Professor:
Expert. Analytical.

Flaws as Chief:
Stubborn. Dominating. Inflexible.

Flaws as Charmer:

Flaws as Professor:

Jenna’s Master Archetypes

Librarian & Nurturer, with a touch of Boss and Spunky Kid.

Virtues as Librarian:
Efficient. Serious. Dependable. Detail oriented.

Virtues as Nurturer:
Altruistic. Capable. Usually calm, cool and collected.

Virtues as Boss:
Highly organized. An achiever.

Virtues as Spunky Kid:
Sense of humor. Reliable. Supportive.

Flaws as Librarian:
Rigid. Repressed. Perfectionist. Introverted and uptight.

Flaws as Nurturer:
Idealistic. Self-sacrificing. Hold grudge. Resent being pushed around.

Flaws as Boss:
Blunt. Workaholic.

Flaws as Spunky Kid:
Sarcastic. Unassuming. Skeptical. Unassertive in her love life.

How they Clash, Mesh, and Change:

Jenna and Duncan thrive on being in control. This causes a constant struggle to see who will win. Jenna feels she must pick up the gauntlet in order to prove her significance. Duncan says Jenna is a prize worth winning. Jenna says Duncan is domineering, too sure of himself and a worthy opponent.

Duncan believes work, goals and achievement are what matter. Jenna believes family is what matters. She doesn't know Duncan's family history so she doesn't understand his view on family. Duncan says Jenna is a martyr, the picture of a warm hearth and home, and a true friend; this is something he's never really had. Both of them feel the other spends far too much time on things that do not really matter. Jenna says Duncan is egotistical, predatory, too much controlling but he is rock solid and there when you need him.

Duncan focuses on the goal but Jenna focuses on the process, which frustrates Duncan. Her attention to detail can drive him crazy. He is only interested in the bottom line. He thinks she over analyzes. But neither of them backs down from their views on how to do things. Duncan says she is prissy and too detail oriented. Jenna says he is convinced he is always right, and he is able to get through her defenses.

Duncan loves to play to the extreme, while Jenna is all work. For him, life is an adventure, a game to win at, while she is serious and determined for the most part. He gets frustrated with her inability to lighten up and have some fun. Duncan says Jenna can be a shrew, humorless at times but a door worth opening. Jenna says he is too conceited and dangerously irresistible.

Jenna believes in family and commitments. Duncan wants a good time with a variety of people. The idea of opening up his feelings with others gives him the chills. Duncan says Jenna is too honest but tried and true. Jenna says Duncan is out of her league, slick and a dreamboat.

Jenna makes lists for her personal life. Duncan thinks that is crazy, he'd rather live by the moment and play it by ear for his personal life. He says Jenna is uptight and longing to let her hair down. Jenna says Duncan is the star in her fantasies, but she'd never admit that to him!

Duncan is best at focusing on his own needs, while Jenna focuses on others. He hides behind his charming smile. Jenna, once she gets past her shyness and her fears, is warm, kind and guileless. Duncan sees her as a safe harbor. Jenna says he is undependable emotionally, a smooth operator and her cup of tea.

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