Monday, June 11, 2007

Hero's Goals, Motivation And Conflict Chart

Duncan thinks he knows what he wants. Money. Power. Respect. He is known as "Ice Man" at the bank; he never lets personal feelings get in the way of getting the job done. Handsome, charismatic, silver-tongued, and comes from wealth; Duncan seems to have it all.

If I were to describe him, "ruthless, honorable, successful businessman" would be my choices. He is used to getting things done and getting his own way.

He lives in a super cool, very modern, HUGE condo in downtown Toronto, Canada. He started working for the bank 10yrs ago, and now at the age of 32, he has risen to the top. There is one more rung he wants to climb; he wants the vice president position. It's a competition between him and another man. Nothing will stop him from getting it.

Duncan has come up with a plan to save the bank millions of dollars-move the mortgage underwriting department from the newer division of the bank from small city Georgetown, New Brunswick, to the main hub in Toronto. He'll get it done, and leave. The bank would be happy, he would be happy, and everything would be perfect. Or would it?

Duncan is unhappy. But, even worse, he doesn't know why. Most times, he feels like a fish out of water with his fast paced life. It infuriates him; he can't put a finger on what is causing this. He has almost everything he wants and what he does not have, he can get. He is very confident in his abilities. He is like his cool, distant parents in this respect. All his life he has worked hard to be better, do better then everyone around him for them. He knows they are not expressive people, but, he'd like them to just once... well, it doesn't matter.

Duncan is lonely. he loves women, but has never been in love. Doesn't have time for a lot of emotional turmoil. When a relationship gets complicated, he assesses the situation, and moves on. He's never had a broken heart. Better to have a deep friendship like his parents have.

Duncan's Life Lesson Learned: "You cannot make someone love and respect you with money and power."


Trish said...

*cough* Nice hero pics hun....

Now where on earth did you find that handsome creature???

Melissa Leavitt said...

Trish! welcome :)

Oh, just hours and hours of drooling, I mean RESEARCHing on the internet.

Oh, alright. Drooling.