Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sticks and Stones...

I'm so mean.

I plan on throwing Jenna's and Duncan's fears at them, starting from the smallest and working up to the biggest, to make their path to true love (story plot) exciting. Sorry guys! Ah, exposure therapy. Where would we romance writers be without you?

Get ready, Jenna. I'm aiming at you first.

Okay, Duncan. Your turn!

Now, a qoute from "UNK" from his "Transformational Character Arc"

Conquering their greatest fear is the transformational character arc, COMPLETED.
Just like exposure therapy, you can now take your list of fears and begin to develop them. Consider putting them in an order of RISING ACTION with your story events... i.e., start out with the smaller fears -- leading into successively larger fears -- ending with your Protagonist's GREATEST FEAR. In other words, KEEP RAISING THE STAKES!

As you kick your Protagonist's ass up shit mountain and expose him or her to "the trail of fears,"
always keep in mind that each fear you ultimately decide YOU WANT in your story needs to be
revealed through ACTION and DIALOGUE. Each fear needs to be CONVERTED into rising action and conflict and it's your Protagonist's emotional reaction to action that will reveal the fear(s) and begin his or her transformational character arc. Your Protagonist's action is motivated by their emotional reaction to action i.e., the decisions they make along the trail of fears. Up shit mountain and along the trail of fears, your Protagonist must STRUGGLE between what he or she wants and what he or she NEEDS.

Also keep in mind that your character has very likely been HIDING these fears and especially his or her greatest fear. ..."

Thanks, UNK, you're brilliant!

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