Sunday, June 17, 2007

Muses, Trust and Poker

You've caught me; I'm playing hookie. I know my character arcs will not build themselves, but I'll think about that tomorrow.

What am I doing with my precious hookie time? Laundry, of course. Sheets, to be exact. Now, most will think that's nuts, but I love hanging out sheets on the line. LOVE the smell and feel of them when I bring them in. sigh

And muses. Trish Wylie has just admitted to muse abuse over at her blog. Brave girl! Can't help her with any advice, mine is still fresh and unwrinkled, straight from the box. Sorry Trish! There must be a book or website somewhere about the Care and Feeding of Your Muse.

And trust. DH is out at my parents' place with the kids, leaving me alone to hang laundry, and play hookie. And it being Father's day today! Sweet boy. *sigh* LOve 'im! And he is letting me play his 10k online poker tournament for him. What fun! I get to be a total donkey! :)

Have fun, all you fellow hookie players!


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