Thursday, June 21, 2007

Voice and Point of View

Silly picture, I know. But it illustrates so well. Your book's voice.

I've read some good romance books. And I've read some FABulous romance books. Story and characterization is paramount, but what made the FaBulous books stick out for me?


The character's voice, even in the non-dialogue bits, was excellent. It helped me remember who's Point of View I was reading. It entertained me. Made me laugh while crying. Made me want to keep reading even though it's late, and I know kids, husband, and a pack for pets are waiting for my full attention tomorrow morning.

Voice can really help get your book published. From the research I've done, editors want a fresh voice. But what does that mean? I looked at some of the current Harlequin books that are getting great reviews. Guess what I found? Yup, all had a great voice. Not saying the other books didn't, but there is a reason why some books get the good reviews and others do not.

I want my Jenna's voice to be sassy, even though she has a lot on her plate. She could easily be a whining, weepy willow type. But that's not how I "hear" her. Now the hard part. Me. Do I have enough skill to record her voice right? I truly hope so!

Voice in book I recently read and loved: Liz Fielding's "The Secret life of Lady Gabriella." Liz's character is a still fairly recently widowed. She is chasing a dream that everyone, including a small part of herself, thinks is silly and she can't do it. She may possibly be kicked out of her job and thus having to move from the house she's come to love. A house that gives her the vital inspiration to write.

With so much going wrong for the character, so much pain to deal with, she still is funny, optimistic, and silly in an endearing way. She just shines, even when the character is lying to herself. THAT's what I want for Jenna.

As for point of view, my book will mostly be from Jenna's perspective. As you can see below, she has the most fears and baggage to deal with. Plus we get to "see" more of yummy Duncan through her eyes. Yay!

Okay. Go write!


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