Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Word Count Trophy!

I love a good competition!!

It seems I've got Lag-itis, other wise know as Dragging-Your-Ass-itis when it comes to writing. Notice the word meter. Only gone up by 300 words. Sigh.

I am not alone with this affliction; one of my crit partners is suffering from it too. The cure? How about a word count competition!

Okay, the rules:
  1. 750 words per day for one week.
  2. each day is done in a separate doc and emailed that night.
  3. the one that meets the goal or beats that goal by the highest % wins the word count trophy and bragging rights on her blog!
  4. NOTE: quality is key, not just quantity. Gotta be good work. We'll know if the other is cheating by sending crap. :)

May the most productive writer win!

I'm gunning for ya, Sally!

Hey Mandy, wanna play too?

Gotta go write,



jamie d said...

Very nice blog - jamie

Sally Kalkofen said...

Um, Melissa? You've been tagged! Go to Divas and read my post on tagging for the rules! Then go see my blog! But give me some time because I haven't done my 8 things yet! :)


Mandy Carrell said...

I wish I could. Maybe next go 'round? Right now I'm not concentrating so much on word count, but on finishing this damn proposal. I can't even figure out exactly what it is they want me to send. Waaah!

I'm in *such* a weird mood today. Everybody just look away . . . ;)

Melissa Leavitt said...

Mandy, you crack me up!!!