Monday, June 11, 2007

Heroine's Goals, Motivation And Conflict Chart

Finally Blogging!

About time, too! LOL

Well, I just finished the book "GMC: Goals, Motivation & Conflict" and I must say it is a fabulous book. Never will I view a book or t.v. show or a movie the same way again. This book is very enlightening. If you want to write, I highly suggest it.

Here is Jenna Donnovan, my heroine. She is a complicated person, fiercely loyal and loves her home. If I was to describe her, I'd say she is a "lonely, up-tight, over achieving homebody who has trouble letting go of the past." She is super motivated to climb the corparate ladder to get the big paycheck. She has finally made her way to a possition in the mortgage underwriters team at the huge bank where she works. She works in the online mortgage application division. Her job is to verify information before the bank considers funding. She loves this job. Why? The paycheck. She is in desparate need of cash to save her family home. Her Gram, who raised Jenna since infancy, died from cancer. Jenna didn't know it, but Gram had cashed out her life insurance policy to pay for the medications that were not covered by Medicare. She only wanted to make it easier for Jenna, but instead, Jenna is in a financial time bomb. The mortgage is up for renewal. Gram was too old to have life insurance on the mortgage. The bank will not renew unless the building is insured. The insurance company will not insure unless major electrical renovations are done to bring it up to code. Jenna cannot loose her family home; it is all she has left. To make matters worse, after what Jenna considers a huge lapse in judgement, she got pregnant after a one night stand. What will she do? Cope. That's what she does best. So she thinks.

Below is Jenna's goals, motivation and conflict chart.

Jenna's Life Lesson Learned: "Home is where the heart is."

Jenna must discover she is being selfish with her heart. She is using the house as a shield against the world.

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